The main purpose of using designer sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight rays which have ultra violet presence. There are many kinds of disorders and diseases prevented by the using of designer sunglasses when eyes are exposed to the scorching sun. There are increased possibilities for many disorders and cumulative damages like cataracts, snow blindness, skin cancer and many more. Many studies show that the short term exposure to the UV rays of the sun can make the surface of eye lens burnt which is highly detrimental in nature. Here are some significant characteristics and advantages of the fashionable spectacles to the eyes.

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Experts say that good voguish bifocals can prevent the harmful radiations of the sun from entering in the eyes to ninety or hundred per cent. Both the UVA and UVB radiations from the sun are blocked by the glasses to a large extent. But some of the tips and techniques have to be followed to make sure that the most efficient uses are acquired from the sunglasses. The very first step in the effective wearing of trendsetting blinkers is that the assurance of fitness. The user has to make sure that the specs are fitted properly on the face so that the look is appropriately set as well as the effectiveness of glass in preventing the sunrays to enter in the eyes is also assured.

The modish goggles should not be too tight or uncomfortable to the user but the center of the lens should be aligned with the center of the eye. This is the recommended position by many experts. The frames of the sunglass should be too wide because this can let the UV rays to enter into the eyes very easily. It is also to be noted that the shape of the glass also plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of the glass. In fact there are various shapes of glasses available in the market like aviator, wayfarer, cat eyed, wraparound etc. the user should select the shape of the trendy specs which suits his or her face.

The aesthetic choice and interests should not obstruct the purpose of the glass because the protection is low in many trendy shapes. The purpose of the glass on the basis of the activities by the user has also to be considered like athletic sunglasses are used by the sportsperson. These type of glasses are featured in such way that it remains fit in the face which is compatible to the facial features of the user. The reduction of risks in case of falling down is also considered in these types of sassy lorgnettes.

There are different kinds and styles of designer glasses in the market. However the purpose of the glasses is to protect the eyes from harmful effects of the radiations and rays of sun. The designer glasses should be capable enough to satisfy the needs and requirements of the user but should not obstruct the protection of the eyes which is the prior concern.

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