Anaplan is a software company that sells a SaaS platform with offices in different countries catering to the needs of hundreds of customers. It was founded by Michael Gould and Guy Haddleton in 2006 in England. It went public in 2010 after 4 years of it is coming into existence. It appointed Laluyaux as its CEO in 2012, which brought with him more funding and the whole universe of Anaplan expanded. Although he left a few years back in 2016, it did not hinder the progress and growth of the company. In 2013 it also bought Vue Analytics to expand its reach in Europe and Africa. Recently it has updated its cloud platform and also updated the tools for app builders, and App Hub. Frank Calderoni was appointed as its CEO in 2015. It also registered itself in NYSE in 2018, opening it for public trading.

It mainly deals in cloud computing, SaaS platform with in-memory calculation engine (it is patented). It also launched App Hub for building and sharing planning apps. It organizes a conference where all stakeholders including customers, employees, and partners come together at the same platform technical education, training and also announcements of the products. These have been organized in Singapore, London, Paris, and Tokyo.

What work is performed by the Anaplan solutions do?

The main objective is to make the planning for all people much easier with the use of interconnected data such that it helps in decision making. It helps people with data that will help in planning to increase the growth of businesses. It adapts itself to cater to the needs of customers to win their confidence. It helps in analyzing the problem and often thinks out of the box, breaking all the stereotypes and makes the software that is flexible to the organizational needs. It works to deliver the business value with connected planning at every level of an organization.

To take a correct decision in a real quick time is a massive task. To help with this they use connected planning to help in increasing the growth of the company. Connected planning is a tool that originates from the powerful combination of technology and human resource that is available in the organization. It ensures that the best possible data is available to the experts for the best-informed decision making. It synchronizes all the data of the connected plan to remove if any, discrepancies to improve the consistency of the system in real time. Connected planning allows every person at each level to plan. This collective planning helps to solve even the biggest and toughest problems.


From starting Anaplan was a cloud computing, data management company which helped with connected planning. It tracks every level of the line and recommends updates that could be made to the line to improve the efficiency of the system. In memory engine that it provides help in analyzing the problem and provides the required data for planning and making better business decisions.

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